First Class Showdown: Singapore Airlines vs. Cathay Pacific

In recent years, I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to fly both Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific’s First Class products. But when I think back and try to compare the two, it’s actually been kind of hard to do. But during this trip I’d truly have an opportunity to get a head-to-head comparison of the two, since I was flying both in the same 24-hour period. And I made sure to use this chance to keep a running tally of the pros and cons of my flight on each airline.

Flight Review: JetBlue Mint Class New York to San Francisco

I had already burned enough miles on my flights from San Francisco to New York, so I wasn’t looking to do anything crazy for the return home. As I shopped around for tickets back to San Francisco, since I was booking just a week prior to departure, ticket prices across the board were really high. However, I noticed that JetBlue’s Mint Class was priced at $549, and with the relatively small difference between that and the price of an economy ticket, I decided to give Mint it a shot.

Flight Review: British Airways Business Class Zurich to San Francisco

Our truffle adventure was sadly over and it was time to head home the same way that we had come. The drive from Piedmont, Italy to Zurich took about six hours, and after stuffing our faces at the Christmas Market in Zurich that evening, we spent the night once again at the Marriott. We were up bright and early the next day, and the first leg of our journey home was an uneventful flight from Zurich to London.

Flight Review: Cathay Pacific First Class Hong Kong to New York

Cathay Pacific’s First Class is one of the most desirable products out there today, and It’s also one of the hardest to book with miles, since award availability for these seats typically opens up just a week or two prior to departure. So up to this point, my only experience with Cathay Pacific First Class had been over two years ago. Luckily, this trip had come together last-minute anyways, and I ultimately had my pick of three out of the four daily flights that Cathay Pacific operates between Hong Kong and New York.

My 40-Hour Trip from San Francisco to New York

“How was your flight?” It’s a pretty standard question that you get asked after arriving at your destination. But in this case, I wasn’t really sure how to answer it. Forthis particular trip from San Francisco to New York, I decided to take the scenic route. Well that’s probably a huge understatement, since I literally flew halfway across the world on my 40-hour journey.