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About Hungry for Points

Welcome to Hungry for Points! The goal of my blog is to share tips, tricks, and news related to two of my passions – points and food. You’ll also be able to find in-depth reports and reviews of flights, hotels, and destinations which of course includes recommendations on the best places to chow down.

About Me

TerenceMy name is Terence and while I spend my weekdays behind a desk crunching numbers in Excel, during weekends and vacations I’m able to explore my passion for food and travel which for me very much go in tandem. My wife and I have voracious appetites, and no trip is complete without a food tour around each city which includes everything from street food to fine dining.

I started getting into the points/miles hobby in 2009 when I was visiting my wife on monthly trips from San Francisco to Chicago. I was jealous of the frequent fliers that were being upgraded to First Class and boarding before everyone else, so I dove head first into learning everything I could so that I could join them. The rest is history, and since then I’ve been able to maximize my travel experiences by achieving elite status and earning and burning millions of miles toward our travel adventures.

Since I rarely travel for work and therefore my travels are 100% self-funded, I’m constantly looking for ways to earn points and for the best deals out there. I started this blog to share news of those deals and to pass on the knowledge I’ve gained to help you achieve your travel goals.

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Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or feedback – look forward to hearing from you!

Email: hungryforpoints@gmail.com
Twitter and Instagram: @hungryforpoints