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Premier Lounge At SIN, SilkAir Economy Class To Hyderabad

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***This is part 10 of my “Big Fat Indian Wedding” trip report detailing a recent trip to Singapore and India***

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Our flight wasn’t scheduled until 8PM, so even with a late check-out time of 3PM, it still left several hours to kill. We mulled over the various options, but ultimately decided to just head over to the airport early. Besides, if you had to spend time at an airport, Changi is probably the best one to do that.

We strolled around for a couple hours doing some window shopping and also ate at the food court upstairs. While there’s a McDonald’s there, this was much better than your typical airport food court and even featured similar food to what we found at the hawker centers. In fact, the same Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle food stand that we ate at back in town was also there at the airport.

We had about an hour left and had exhausted all of the options in that terminal, so we decided to hop into the Premier Lounge to relax. This lounge was part of the Lounge Club network, and I used my two free passes from the Chase Ink card since they were about to expire.

premier lounge sin changi exterior

Upon entering, there was a dedicated First Class section that was roped-off, but nobody was in there. That’s probably because the lounge wasn’t that crowded to begin with and there weren’t any other benefits of sitting there other than a bit more privacy.

premier lounge sin changi first class area

Next to the First Class section, there were two booths with massage chairs for use.

premier lounge sin changi massage chair

The lounge was pretty empty and there were plenty of seats to choose from, which included both lounge chairs and workstations.

premier lounge sin changi seating

premier lounge sin changi seating 2

There was a buffet with a few hot dishes, including rice and curry, and a fried noodle dish.

premier lounge sin changi buffet

premier lounge sin changi food 1

There was also a hot noodle bar featuring kway teow soup with fish balls.

premier lounge sin changi kway teow soup

premier lounge sin changi noodles

And some cold sandwiches, along with bread and dips.

premier lounge sin changi bugget 2

There was a rather paltry booze selection.

premier lounge sin changi alcohol

Even though I wasn’t hungry, I couldn’t help myself and grabbed a plate.

premier lounge sin changi food plate

About T-45 we strolled over to the gate for our flight to Hyderabad. As I described here, the best overall option in my situation was to buy a cash ticket for this flight, rather than to use miles.

The SilkAir ticket cost about $250 per person, and while there were cheaper options on Tiger Air and Jetstar available for about half the price, I wanted to earn miles for the flight and I’d also had bad experiences on those LCC’s with luggage fees, and didn’t want to deal with the hassle.

This was my first experience with SilkAir, which is Singapore Airlines’ regional airline, and it was pretty much along the lines of what I expected. Our Boeing 737 was in a 3×3 configuration, and the seat color was rather loud.

silk air cabin 1

silk air seat

silk air legroom 2

The flight load was very light, and my wife and I ended up moving to a completely empty row. While the legroom was a bit tight in our original seats, our new exit row seats had plenty of space to stretch out.

silk air legroom

The rest of the flight was rather uneventful and the 4-hour flight time went by quickly. About an hour after take-off, there was a light meal served. The chicken curry was actually quite good, and since my wife was asleep, I ended up eating both mine and her’s. Shh, don’t tell her!

silk air economy meal


  1. Actually, Silkair isn’t a low cost subsidiary. It’s just the regional wing of Singapore Airlines. Hence it’s a full service airline (with full service prices). The low cost subsidiary would be Tigerair and Scoot.

  2. Totally off-topic, but I was always curious why headrests needed to be stowed for take-off and landing. It’s not as if they impeded traffic flow through the row or aisle, or that they even “deploy” that much to begin with. So strange. I only comment on that because of the placard that’s readily visible in your photo discussing leg room.

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