Hotel Review: Park Hyatt Hyderabad

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***This is part 11 of my “Big Fat Indian Wedding” trip report detailing a recent trip to Singapore and India***

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While I’m primarily a Hilton loyalist, Hyatts are a close second and the Park Hyatt brand in particular is my favorite within that group.

What if I told you that you could stay at a Park Hyatt for just $90 per night? Or how about a 1,200 square ft. suite for $175 per night? Welcome to the Park Hyatt Hyderabad.

We pulled up to the hotel which looked like a large concrete office building from the outside.

park hyatt hyderabad exterior

park hyatt hyderabad exterior sign

The entrance to the hotel took some getting use to, but it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry. There was a motorized barricade at the entrance and security guards inspected each vehicle for bombs before they were allowed to enter. If you’re entering by foot, there was a similar security checkpoint with a metal turnstile.

park hyatt hyderabad driveway

park hyatt hyderabad security

Before you enter the hotel, there’s yet another another layer of security, and each one of your bags must be screened through an x-ray machine. The first time through, all this security felt a bit excessive, but once it became part of our routine we didn’t really think much of it after a while.

Once we finally made it inside, we were able to take a step back and admire how stunning this hotel was. Starting with the artwork at the hotel entrance.

park hyatt hyderabad lobby entrance decor

We walked up the the check-in counter and were quickly on our way. The check-in agent also escorted us to our room.

park hyatt hyderabad lobby desk

The agent took a moment to give us a tour around the lobby. The centerpiece of the lobby was a huge sculpture that had a spiral staircase wrapped around it which led up to the 2nd floor of the hotel.

park hyatt hyderabad lobby

park hyatt hyderabad lobby sculpture

At the elevator banks, the agent made note of the artwork here and mentioned that it made for a great backdrop for pictures. We made sure to make use of it later on after we got all dressed up on our way to the wedding a couple days later.

park hyatt hyderabad elevators

The elevators opened up into an open-air hallway that wrapped around the enter hotel.

park hyatt hyderabad lobby aerial

Because of the great value here, I had splurged for a Park Suite room which was one of the nicest rooms we’ve ever had. Upon entering, a small picnic was waiting for us, including a combination of fruits, macarons, and wine from the hotel, along with a welcome basket from my coworker.

park hyatt hyderabad welcome food

park hyatt hyderabad snack basket

Each day the fruit bowl was replenished, and we were also given a cake-of-the day, which were all incredibly delicious.

park hyatt hyderabad macarons

park hyatt hyderabad cakes 2

park hyatt hyderabad cakes 1

Our suite provided over 1,200 sq. ft of space which was split into three areas. Starting with the living room, which was very stylishly decorated while thankfully still using furniture that was functional.

park hyatt hyderabad living room

There was a work station on the side of the room, with seating for two.

park hyatt hyderabad work desk

park hyatt hyderabad coffee

The living room also had an entertainment console set up.

park hyatt hyderabad living room tv

And there was also a powder room off the foyer near the entrance to the suite.

park hyatt hyderabad powder room

The bedroom was huge and could be completely closed off from the living room by a sliding door.

park hyatt hyderabad bedroom

Next to the bed, there was a day bed that extended the entire length of the room. Between the bedroom and the bathroom were two massive closets, which provided plenty of space to store our luggage.

park hyatt hyderabad day bed

The bathroom did not disappoint either, and featured dual-sinks, a make-up area, and even a built-in TV screen next to the mirror.

park hyatt hyderabad bathroom

The whole open shower concept at Park Hyatts still feels weird to me, but I guess you don’t mind the water splashing around everywhere since it’s not your home, and someone else will come to clean up in the morning.

park hyatt hyderabad shower and tub

Our room was in the front corner of the hotel facing the street, so we had to make sure to take down the blinds before stripping down just to be safe.

park hyatt hyderabad tub

Along with the standard toiletries, a massive loofah was provided.

park hyatt hyderabad shower amenities

park hyatt hyderabad shower amenities 2

The next morning we met up with our friends for breakfast in the hotel lobby. Since they were Hyatt Diamonds their breakfast was comped, but as a lowly Platinum, we’d be paying out of pocket. From what I can recall, the cost was about $15 per person, which is pretty reasonable when compared to Western prices, but definitely expensive by Indian-standards.

We had a hard time understanding how the breakfast worked at first, but finally surmised that there was a buffet of cold cuts, cheese, fruit, and pastries.

park hyatt hyderabad breakfast cold cuts

park hyatt hyderabad breakfast cheese

park hyatt hyderabad breakfast breads

As well as an omelet station.

park hyatt hyderabad breakfast cold cuts 2

park hyatt hyderabad breakfast plate

In addition to the cold buffet, there was an a la carte menu that you could order off of, and included both Western breakfast items as well as Indian dishes. Even though each time on the menu had a price, since we were having the breakfast buffet, we could order as many things as we liked.

park hyatt hyderabad breakfast eggs

Along with the eggs, I also ordered an Indian breakfast item. In general, we were careful with what we ate in India and primarily stuck to cooked foods, although we tested our luck with some of the fresh fruits and vegetables. One of our friends did get sick from these even at the hotel. The other food item that our Indian friends in the US actually made sure we kept in mind were the dips and sauces. These are often overlooked and can be the ones that will ultimately get you.

park hyatt hyderabad breakfast dosa

After breakfast, we toured around the hotel and checked out the gym. We also took a dip in the pool which had great views over Hyderabad.

park hyatt hyderabad pool

While Western hotels often charge US prices for spa treatments even in traditionally cheaper destinations, we found the spa prices at the hotel to be quite good and indulged in a couple massages. The spa facilitates were fantastic, and along with steam showers, there was a sauna and steam room in each locker room.

park hyatt hyderabad massage room

Overall, this was an amazing stay at a beautiful hotel. The hard product was truly great, and in my opinion as nice as you’ll be able to find at a city hotel. The Indian style of service certainly took some getting use to, but once we got accustomed to it, found it very personable and efficient.

And best of all, Hyderabad was a low-cost destination for those that are used to Western prices, and presented value that was hard to beat.

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