Excuse Me, Where’s the Nearest Pagoda?: HKG-BKK on TG F

a plane on the runway


During the 7 hour layover in Hong Kong, we split our time between the Singapore lounge and the Thai Airways lounge.  I much prefer the food offerings in the Singapore Air lounge, so we headed there first after landing for breakfast part II.  My only gripe about this lounge is that there is no bathroom, so you have to walk out into the terminal each time.  After a couple hours, we took the train over to the opposite end of the terminal to the Thai Airways lounge which is a smaller lounge, but gets less traffic.  We ended up spending the rest of the time here, and were definitely getting a bit restless by the time our next flight was ready for boarding.

a plane on the runway
Boeing 747 spotting from the TG lounge
We were finally ready for boarding, and I was especially excited since the flight would be featuring TG’s new A380 first class suites.  We were one of the first to board, and that gave me a chance to explore a bit.  The TG seat is impressive, but when directly comparing to SQ, definitely didn’t feel as spacious or luxurious.  However, one part of the plane that was very impressive was the bathroom.  I wish I had a picture of it, but this was by far the biggest bathroom I’ve ever seen on a plane, probably 4-5x as big as a typical one.
a man sitting in an airplane
TG A380 F suite

Pre-departure drinks were offered, and (big surprise) I had a couple more glasses of Dom.  Menus were distributed, and lunch service began shortly after take-off.  This was my 2nd time flying Thai first class, and both times have found the food to be mediocre.  This is probably the only gripe I had with this flight, as the service was extremely warm and friendly.

a plate of food on a tablea menu of a restaurant
a plate of food with a egg and rice
a scoop of fruit and ice cream

The flight was a short 2.5 hours and relatively uneventful.  Rather than watching a movie, I simply watched Lisa dance around in her seat while watching Magic Mike.  After landing, we got to experience the TG first class ground service, which in my opinion made the layover totally worthwhile.  Since Bangkok was our final destination we didn’t get to enjoy the spa with a free hour-long massage like last time, but still got picked up in a buggy and whisked through a separate immigration line which easily saved us at least 30-60 minutes in line.

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