Excuse Me, Where’s the Nearest Pagoda?: Exploring Amphawa Floating Market

a ferris wheel at night


As I mentioned in the introduction, this trip actually started with a return flight booked from Myanmar back home.  When Lisa and I were planning the rest of the trip, we decided that we wanted to add on another destination before going to Myanmar.  We were actually leaning toward going to Singapore, but her business school friend who happened to be visiting us in San Francisco suggested that we visit her in Thailand instead.  We planned to spend 5 days in Thailand before departing for Myanmar, and since Lisa and I had both been to Thailand, really wanted to just relax, hang out, and of course chow down.

After landing, our first stop was the Asiatique market where we killed some time until Lisa’s friend was off work.  We didn’t get a chance to ride the ferris wheel, but grabbed a quick dinner and then saw the Calypso ladyboy show.  I was even able to learn a few new dance moves.

a ferris wheel at night
Asiatique ferris wheel

a group of children on stage
Calypso ladyboy show

 After a good night’s sleep, the next day we headed out to Amphawa floating market.  Both Lisa and I had been to floating markets before, but this is considered to be the less-touristy of the floating markets. The market is known for its seafood, and we definitely didn’t hold back.

a man and woman standing together
walking around Amphawa floating market
a hand holding a cup of ice cream
Thai shaved ice snack
a woman cooking seafood on a boat
seafood spread on the floating boat
a table full of plates of food
seafood feast for lunch

a glass of iced tea and a small cup on a table
snack time – thai ice tea
a bowl of soup with an egg
snack time – tom yom soup
a woman holding a bag of food
snack time – street food

The next day we hit the road and continued our trip to Hua Hin.  On the way, we stopped for another seafood feast on the beach in Cha-Am.  There are a lot of seafood stalls setup along the beach, and you can choose what you want to eat, and then they will cook it for you on the spot.

a group of fish in ice and a bowl of ice
lunch options

a bowl of soup with a metal tube
tom yom soup

a tray of shrimp on a table
bbq shrimp

close-up of a plate of clams
fresh scallops with thai salsa

a close up of food
grilled octopus

a plate of food with a bowl of sauce and greens
fresh oysters

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