Excuse Me, Where’s the Nearest Pagoda?: SFO-HKG on SQ F

a woman sitting in a chair on an airplane


After nearly six months of waiting, it was finally mid-December and time to embark on our Thailand/Myanmar trip.  I had been able to book the outbound flights to Bangkok via Hong Kong for 70,000 United miles per person. Our flight to Hong Kong left around 11pm, so we arrived at the airport shortly after 9pm.  Check-in was a breeze, and after a longer-than-usual wait at security, we were relaxing in the Singapore Krisflyer lounge.  This lounge has a pretty minimal spread (cheese, sandwiches, chips, noodles and soup), but maybe that was a good thing since we’d be eating a lot on the plane.  After a short stop in the lounge, we headed over to the gate for boarding.

I had seen pictures of the SQ F seats, but it’s hard to fathom how big they actually are until you sit down.  The width is very impressive, and could even easily fit two people sitting next to each other.

a woman sitting in a chair
SQ F Seat

Once we were seated, menus, pajamas/slippers and amenity kits were distributed.  I had read up quite a bit on what to expect for this flight, and the main drawback is that we would only be getting the supper menu vs. the full dinner menu due to the late departure time.  It’s not ideal, but nothing to lose sleep over.  However, I had been sure to utilize the “Book the Cook” feature offered on select SQ routes to pre-select our entree option, the lobster thermador.

a menu on a table
breakfast menu
a menu with black text
supper menu
a book with text and images
champagne menu – not that is was needed, more Dom please!
a person holding a small black bag
Kiehl’s amenity kit

After settling down into my seat, time no longer passed in minutes and hours but instead by glasses of Dom.  So about 5-6 glasses of Dom later (probably about about an hour after take-off?), the supper service began.  The soup was one of the best I’ve ever had, and the pre-selected lobster thermador was fantastic as well.  Now my culinary credibility may not be very high since I tend to like everything I eat, but Lisa ordered the same entree and agreed with my assessment.  Also, to finish a cheese plate with fruit was offered, along with coffee and tea.

a plate of food on a table
fig and Iberico ham appetizer
a bowl of soup with noodles and vegetables
double boiled chicken soup
a plate of food on a table
Book the Cook pre-selected entree – lobster thermador

After dinner, we changed into pajamas and requested turn-down service.  For many airlines, this typically involves bringing the seat back into a lie-flat position, then throwing a duvet/comforter on it.  However, the amazing thing about the SQ seat is that it actually flips over, with the bottom of the seat now becoming the bed. And the bed was amazing, probably even more comfortable than the bed I have at home.  I’m a pretty light sleeper, and usually roll in/out of sleep on long flights.  But even I was able to get a full 8 hours of sleep on this flight, and was actually a bit disappointed to wake up afterwards with only a couple hours left until landing.

a woman lying in bed with a light on her head
amazingly comfortable bed

Once we were awake, breakfast was served.  After fruit, yogurt, and pastries were served, we received our entrees.  I ordered the poached eggs and Lisa got the dim sum platter, both of which were very good.

a plate of food on a table
poached eggs
a bowl of soup and some food on a table
dim sum platter

After a short debate of whether or not to change out of my pajamas (which I reluctantly did), we landed in Hong Kong and began our long 7 hour layover to Bangkok.

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