Lounge Review: Singapore Airlines Krisflyer Lounge At SFO

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***This is part 3 of my “Big Fat Indian Wedding” trip report detailing a recent trip to Singapore and India***

1. Introduction
2. United Global First Lounge at SFO
3. Singapore Airlines Krisflyer Lounge at SFO
4. Singapore Airlines First Class San Francisco to Seoul
5. Singapore Airlines First Class Seoul to Singapore
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15. Etihad Airways (Jet Airways Config “Jetihad”) First Class Abu Dhabi to San Francisco

We arrived at the gate 30 minutes prior to our scheduled departure, and were eager to jump on-board and into our First Class seats. Singapore Airlines is usually very punctual and the plane was already sitting at the gate, so I started scratching my head when 15 minutes had passed and the boarding gates remained closed.

Then an announcement was made – “we’re sorry, but due to late arriving crew, we will be delayed by an hour”. I guess that made sense since on that day, a power line had decided to fall down across the 101 freeway, completely shutting down traffic in one direction. It had taken us twice as long as usual to get to the airport, so the crew was likely in a similar predicament.

With a newfound hour to kill, we headed back upstairs to the main terminal and decided to wander over to the Singapore Airlines lounge which is located right next to the security checkpoint, and around the corner from the United Club.

singapore silverkris lounge sfo entrance

The main reason I’m not a big fan of this lounge? It’s always jam packed. It’s a small lounge to start with, so the premium cabin passengers from the Singapore Airlines flights alone could probably fill up the lounge. Once you add-in the Star Alliance Gold passengers it really becomes a zoo. This has become a big enough issue that I’ve read reports on Flyertalk that many non-Singapore Airlines passengers leveraging *Gold status have been turned away.

There was barely a seat to be had at first, but people started trickling out and over to the gate.

singapore silverkris lounge sfo seating 1

singapore silverkris lounge sfo seating 2

The lounge has a nice selection of self-serve alcohol and a great coffee machine.

singapore silverkris lounge sfo alcohol

Don’t be fooled by the menu, even though it says “today’s menu” I don’t believe it’s ever changed in the many times I’ve been here.

singapore silverkris lounge sfo menu

For the noodle enthusiasts out there, the lounge carries a wide range of options, starting with the gold standard Cup Noodles.
singapore silverkris lounge sfo food 2

If you’re looking for a fancier option, there was a laksa noodle bar as well. Since we were headed to Singapore, I decided to just hold off for the real thing.

singapore silverkris lounge sfo laksa

And a mix of stuff in the hot buffet, including kimchi fried rice and seafood pancakes.

singapore silverkris lounge sfo food 1

The cold buffet was looking a bit sad, with a salad and fruit bowl that I witnessed get picked through multiple times before it was my turn.

singapore silverkris lounge sfo food 3

There’s a nice mix of food and beverages here, but seating can be quite tight. If you’re looking for a more comfortable lounge to relax in, I’d recommend the United Club next door. Also, don’t forget the option to take the walkway over to domestic Terminal 3 for the American Express Centurion Lounge.

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  1. You didn’t even mention the showers they offer. United club gives you a FU, bad beer and wine, and peanuts for food. Real food, showers, open bar…love that you’d prefer United Club, stay in that low-quality, low-expectation American “lounge”.

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