New Year’s Trip to “Xin” City: Quick Stopover in Hong Kong + Conrad HK


Despite a slightly delayed take off we still landed a few minutes early at HKG. We shot through immigration and since we had just carried-on our luggage, were literally out of the airport in less than 20 minutes. Normally I would have taken the bus or Airport Express to the hotel, but it was close to 4am back in SF and I hadn’t slept a wink on the plane, so we opted for a taxi instead. The ride to the Conrad was very quick and we arrived in less than 30 minutes.

The Conrad is located adjacent to Pacific Place mall and I booked a standard room using 80,000 Hilton points which I felt was a good deal compared to the ~$500 retail price. Since we were arriving so late after 8pm, we didn’t get a chance to really explore the hotel much before leaving around noon the next day. But from what we saw, we really felt that the hotel was great and will probably stay again next time we’re in Hong Kong.

Hallway decor

Conrad elevator

We received a room on the 57th floor and the views were really great. We also visited the executive lounge on the 59th floor which had even better views of the harbor. The room was actually quite spacious compared to what I’m accustomed to in Hong Kong and felt very new as it was recently remodeled.

Executive room at Conrad HK

Adding to the Conrad animal collection

Morning views from our room

Executive Lounge on 59th floor

We pretty much crashed right after arriving and woke up around 5am the next day. We went down for breakfast right as the restaurant downstairs was opening and were pleased with the selection at the buffet. We just sat around and killed time until 10am when the Pacific Place mall opened and then did some shopping before heading to the Macau ferry terminal.

The main reason I wanted to go was to pick up the free gift from Pye, which I had mentioned was a very nice set of pocket squares. I took a look around the store but didn’t seriously consider buying anything which I’m sure is one of their goals for bringing people in to collect the free gift. However, I wasn’t able to pull the wife out of the mall fast enough before she hit some of the post-Christmas sales at some of the other stores.

After her mini-shopping spree, we went back to the hotel to freshen up before checking out around noon. We took a short taxi ride over to Sheung Wan where the Macau ferry terminal is located to begin our trip to Macau.

Christmas decorations at Pacific Place

Pye store at Pacific Place

Pye free gift for CX F passengers

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