Earning Points and Miles

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2017 Open Enrollment: Which Medical Plan Maximizes Ability to Earn Points?

Early November means that it is the middle of open enrollment season for those who receive health insurance through an employer. As you sort through the various health insurance options available to you for 2017, the easy choice is to simply keep what you have today. However, if you have ever wondered if there is a better choice that will allow you to maximize points earning, here are a few things to consider.

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How to Credit JetBlue Flights to Singapore Airlines Krisflyer Program

I’ve taken a handful of JetBlue flights recently and in each and every case, despite having my Singapore Airlines Krisflyer membership number entered in my reservation, I haven’t automatically received credit for the flight. After the first couple flights didn’t credit automatically, I suspected that something was amiss, but was still hopeful and chalked it up to bad luck. But after it happened several more times, I was almost certain that there just wasn’t an automatic process in place, and my suspicions were confirmed by others who were facing the same issue.

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Should I Credit My Upcoming British Airways Business Class Flight To Alaska Or American Airlines?

A few months ago I was able to jump on a great deal for Business Class tickets aboard British Airways from San Francisco to Europe for just $1,700. Although it’s a little bit less of a great deal when you factor in the $250 that British Airways is asking for in order to select seats in advance. At the time, it was a no-brainer for me to credit this flight to Alaska Airlines, since I’d need the elite qualifying miles to re-qualify for status, and as an existing elite I’d receive a 100% bonus. But now things are a bit more complicated …

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How To Earn More Points When Paying Your Next Health Care Bill

Having spent my entire career in the employer-sponsored health care consulting space, I’ve put in countless hours designing health plans for my client’s employees. But until today, I hadn’t realized that my work world and the points world were actually intersecting. Here are a couple tricks that I use to maximize my points-earning related to health care expenditures (medical, prescription drug, dental, vision, etc.) that may also be of use to you.