How to Credit JetBlue Flights to Singapore Airlines Krisflyer Program

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I’ve taken a handful of JetBlue flights recently and in each and every instance, despite having my Singapore Airlines Krisflyer membership number entered in my reservation, I haven’t automatically received credit for my flights.

After the first couple flights I suspected that something was amiss, but was still hopeful and chalked it up to bad luck. But after it happened several more times, I was almost certain that there just wasn’t an automated process in place, and my suspicions were confirmed by others who seem to be facing the same issue.

While this started as a minor annoyance, at least my flights were crediting after sending in the required form. However, I’ve recently encountered a couple instances where I wasn’t receiving credit after submitting the form, and significant back and forth was required afterwards. So this minor annoyance has quickly grown into a big annoyance, and I’m thinking twice about booking with JetBlue with the intention of crediting the miles to Singapore.

How to get your miles

For those that are facing similar issues, here’s the process to get your flights credited and some tips and tricks that I’ve picked up along the way:

1. Download this form and fill it out with your account and flight information. You can either mail the form hard copy to the address on the bottom of page #1, or email to

Tip: You’ll need to attach a copy of your receipt and boarding pass. I would anticipate needing to submit this form each time, so make sure to hang on to your boarding pass until the miles are finally in your account.

2. After submitting the form, you’ll receive an automated email indicating that it will take up to 8 weeks to receive a response. Now you wait…

3. The good news is that typical response time has been much faster, and has varied from 1 day to a couple weeks. If all goes well, you’ll receive an email indicating that you’re all set and the miles have been deposited in your account.

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4. However there is a chance that things won’t go according to plan, in which case you’ll have to re-submit your request. Issues that I have encountered occur when your name doesn’t align between their systems, or if you took a different flight than your original receipt indicated.

Tip: If you need to follow-up, I’ve had success emailing with the additional information. Make sure to include your case number to expedite things, which you can find in the “Claim missing miles” section of your Krisflyer account.

singapore airlines claim missing miles form

5. After each re-request you’ll receive another email indicating that they are working on it, and will get back to you in 6-8 weeks.

6. Rinse and repeat steps #4 and #5 until you get the miles in your account.

Given the “partnership” that JetBlue and Singapore Airlines have, you would have expected that there would be a process to automatically receive credit for flights. That doesn’t appear to be the case and it’s a truly clunky and annoying process that you have to go through each time to get the miles – hopefully there are plans to get some sort of automated process in place going forward.

Have others encountered a similar issue when crediting JetBlue flights to Singapore Airlines, and do you have any other tips and tricks to share?


  1. Yes, and since I don’t have time and patience to fill out these stupid forms, I just decided to not fly JetBlue again. I only added them to my “repertoire” of airlines after crediting to KrisFlyer became an option, and since the process is not easy, they are off my list again.

    1. I am with IKC. Business (and normal) fliers dot have time to search, download, print, fill out, mail /fax, monitor and micromanage a process that JetBlue can make as seamless as entering their program’ number. Goodbye JetBlue.

  2. What’s the earning rate, do you get mile per mile flown? I want to start flying JetBlue next year and also want to start building up Singapore miles, so if the earnings rates are good then this could work out well. Thanks for the tips!

      1. There was an online form I filled out for a flight a couple months ago miles posted about 1-2 weeks after online request, seems much easier than this method, use whererocredit to determine earning rate from fare class which is the first letter of the B6 fare rules for your ticket

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