Is This The Hardest Way to Earn 1 Million Singapore Airlines Miles?

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These days, it’s pretty easy to build up a huge balance of Singapore Airlines miles. Most people will earn miles by flying with Singapore Airlines or any number of their Star Alliance or other partners, like JetBlue. Or you could also transfer credit card rewards points via American Express, Chase Ultimate Rewards, Citi ThankYou, and even Starwood’s Preferred Guest program.

Well, there appears to be another path to become a Singapore Krisflyer millionaire. You could simply defeat the greatest Olympian of all time in one of his signature events. Via Singapore Airline’s Facebook page, as part of the victory parade for 100M Butterfly Gold Medal winner Joseph Schooling, they awarded him with 1 million miles and Krisflyer Gold status.

joseph schooling singapore airlines

(picture from Singapore Airlines’s Facebook page)

Since he goes to school in Texas, those 1 million miles would be good for roughly 7 round-trips in Business Class between Houston and Singapore, or 5 trips in First Class. And if he’s willing to position, for the same number of miles, he could also fly out of New York to Singapore in the amazing Suites Class.

And of course, as you can guess these days no good deed goes unpunished, and it’s pretty entertaining to sift through the comments, which include these gems:

  • 1 million miles isn’t enough, and instead he should be given free business class tickets for next 4 years up until the 2020 Olmypic Games in Tokyo
  • In addition to the 1 million miles for him, each of his parents should get 1 million miles each
  • Gold status is not enough, and he should be given top-tier PPS status
  • The Gold status should be awarded for his entire lifetime
  • Singapore Airlines should have also given miles to all other Singaporean athletes who didn’t win medals

Well for those who think that he should have gotten more, don’t forget that he will also receive a $1M SGD cash prize (approximately $740,000 USD), so it’s safe to say that he could afford to fly in Premium Cabins if he wants to!


  1. Unfortunately the SGD1m award will be halved after tax and mandatory contribution. Furthermore, because Singapore does not have the necessary facilities for Joseph to achieve his dreams, his parents have actually spent upward of $1m to send their kids to the United States for his training since he was 14. Net-net, this guy is still losing unless he wins a couple more medals and much more Krisflyer miles unfortunately.

  2. I assume these million miles are subject to Krisflyer’s expiration rules? That’s gotta be a lot of pressure to find premium award availability quickly.

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