Reminder: Enter To Win $200 In Airline Gift Cards

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So far, I am absolutely loving your comments and recommendations. I’ve taken detailed notes and will certainly be eating well all over the world from now on, please keep ’em coming!

In case you missed it, there are 2 days remaining to enter my mega-giveaway that gives you 3 ways to win up to $200 in American Airlines gift cards.

You can enter one-time through each of the 3 methods below:

#1. $100 AA Gift Card: Enter by leaving a comment with your response in this post.

#2. $50 AA Gift Card: Enter by following me on Twitter AND by tweeting @hungryforpoints with your response.

#3. $50 AA Gift Card: Enter by liking my Facebook page AND leaving your response on the page.

Your responses? In case you haven’t noticed, I really, really like to eat. So I want your food recommendations, everything from fine dining to street food – what’s the most memorable, delicious thing you’ve eaten during your travels, and where can I find it?

The giveaway will close at 5PM PST on Thursday, January 8th, at which point each of the winners will be selected at random and the gift certificates will be e-mailed shortly after.


  1. Coto in London has the BEST gluten free Italian food. The owner is from Sorrento and the food topped all the food we had enjoyed in Sorrento, Rome, Florence and Venice the week before.

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