Walking Away From 500,000 Points, 70% Off Business Class Sale, Laughing At Uber

a view of a body of water and houses
Hope everyone is having a great weekend! In case you missed it, here’s a round-up of some of the notable posts from the past week. Keep up with all the latest news by following me on Facebook or Twitter, and feel free to send me an email anytime with questions or comments!
a view of a body of water and houses
  • Join me on my trip report as I go island-hopping in the Seychelles, including a visit to the best beach in the world and a stay at the Hilton Northolme Resort and Spa

a screenshot of a website
  • There’s still time to book a last-minute winter holiday trip with Business Class fares as low as $1,620 from the East Coast and $2,390 from the West Coast to Barcelona and other European destinations

a plate of food on a table
  • Like to eat? The 2014 SAVEUR Culinary Travel Awards were just released, highlighitng the best food you can find on land, sea, and air across 21 different categories. The best First and Business Class in-flight dining winner is a shocker!
  • Here’s the funniest way I’ve seen the Uber vs. taxi war portrayed

a group of credit cards on a counter
  • Lastly, President Obama’s credit card was declined at a restaurant in New York. Here’s my back-up plan in case my Palladium card is declined as well, including the strategy the President should have been using in the first place.

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