Bali-Tree: Thai Airways Business Class BKK-DPS

a room with couches and chairs


The next day we had an early 9am flight to Bali and headed to the airport around 7am.  This was my first time flying in a premium cabin on Thai ex-BKK and was really impressed by the premium cabin recognition.  There was a completely separate Business Class check-in area which led to a premium security and immigration line.  From check-in to sitting in the lounge was less than a 5 minute process.  The lounge was also huge and probably one of the biggest I’ve ever been in.

The flight to Bali was 4 hours and fairly non-eventful.  I had pre-ordered my meal on the plan and it was served along with fruit and yogurt.  I tried to catch a bit of shuteye during the flight but found the seat to be very uncomfortable and narrow.  So instead I stayed up the entire time and since I had already seen most of the movies on my earlier flight so I instead caught a couple more episodes of House of Cards.  I was also able to snap a couple photos of some of the great views during the descent into Bali.

Thai Airways Flight TG431

a room with couches and chairs
TG business class lounge
a row of seats on an airplane
a seat and a bag on the side of an airplane
a black bag on a table
another amenity kit!?
a menu of a restaurant
a two screens in a row
a tray with food on it
a plate of food on a tray
pre-ordered duck entree
aerial view of a body of water and land
views of bali from the air
a body of water with a land in the distance

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