European Engagement: Introduction


I consider myself to be somewhat of a flying/points/miles nerd.  Now, there are many others in the travel community that are way more hardcore than me, but I certainly enjoy the points/miles and travel game much more than the average person.  So for me, the genesis of a vacation trip can easily start with a great airfare deal, regardless of the destination.  Sometimes these deals involve long layovers and complex routings, but I don’t mind since it gives me an opportunity to actually try more airline products.  On the other hand, my fiance has somewhat of a different view, and wonders why the heck we’re taking an indirect routing with a long layover when a direct flight might exist.  Luckily, we were able to compromise for this trip.

This trip started with a great deal during the summer of 2012 from SFO to Copenhagen, routing via Frankfurt.  We hadn’t heard a lot about Copenhagen and it certainly wasn’t that high on our list of places to go, but like I said, sometimes the deal will dictate where you’re going on vacation.  Since we had about a week and a half to travel, we decided to add on a couple of other locations, which ended up being Prague and Vienna.  I ended up using miles to book flights between these cities.

We finalized our itinerary around March for the July trip, and for her the planning was all done.  However, for me the hard part had just begun.  Copenhagen, Prague, Vienna – where to pop the question???

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