Are We There Yet?: Introduction


If I were to rank my sense of adventure on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d be a 1.  If you were to rate Lisa’s sense of adventure, she’d be a 10.  My idea of adventure is going outside of my neighborhood in San Francisco to try a new restaurant.  Her idea of adventure is signing us up to be dropped off at Alcatraz Island and swimming back to shore.

So as we began talking about visiting Peru, I started looking into itineraries that involved taking a train or bus up to Machu Picchu.  She quickly squashed that idea, and next thing I knew we were signed up to do the 26 mile Inca Trail hike.  I knew it was useless to protest, so instead I spent the couple months we had prior to leaving to get myself into decent enough shape to haul my butt across those mountains.

I was able to snag a great airfare deal to Lima from San Francisco via Houston and Panama for $450 each.  Since all 3 segments were considered “domestic”, an added bonus is that we’d be eligible for complimentary upgrades on United and Copa Airlines.  I also used Hilton points to book rooms at the Doubletree in Lima.

And just like that we were off – I thought that I had managed to get myself into decent shape, but that mindset was quickly erased once we reached the first mountain.  But 4 days and 26 miles later, we had arrived at Machu Picchu, and the only thing that I could think about was wanting to do it all over again.

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