Cancelling A Lifemiles Award Ticket Was Surprisingly Easy

One thing that I’ve heard over and over about Lifemiles award redemptions was to make sure you’ve made up your mind before booking, since it’s a huge pain in the butt to cancel them. Well the time finally came that I need to make a cancellation, so I blocked off several hours of my day and prepared for the worst. The reality of the experience was anything but a nightmare.

2017 Open Enrollment: Which Medical Plan Maximizes Ability to Earn Points?

Early November means that it is the middle of open enrollment season for those who receive health insurance through an employer. As you sort through the various health insurance options available to you for 2017, the easy choice is to simply keep what you have today. However, if you have ever wondered if there is a better choice that will allow you to maximize points earning, here are a few things to consider.

Foreign Exchange Deeper Dive

Myths around credit card foreign transactions have mostly focused on exchange rates on a given day, but how much does VISA vs. MasterCard’s processing speed affect our financial end result? Turns out that this issue is far more complex, and the officially published rates are by no means a useful predictive tool.

Feeling Reserved

Everyone is talking about Chase Sapphire Reserve these days. Will it live up to the expectation, and how long will it last?