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Dinner At Singapore’s Best Restaurant, Restaurant Andre

This was far and way the most inventive meal we’ve ever had. Restaurant Andre currently sits at #46 and I think it’s going to continually ascend in the coming years. Unlike many restaurants on the list, it was surprisingly easy to get reservations to especially considering that this is a relatively small 30-seat place. They do require a small deposit, so perhaps that keeps people from making reservations speculatively, only to cancel later on.

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Eating Singapore – Hawker Stands, Chili Crab, And Kouign Amanns

Now for my favorite half of the trip, all the food! As I mentioned in the introduction, I’d rank Singapore as a close 2nd behind Japan as the best eating destination in the world. One of the big reasons that I could never rank it first? For a big-sweater like myself, it’s literally impossible to sit down and truly enjoy a meal at an open-air hawker center because of the insanely hot and humid weather. I’d literally shovel the food into my mouth just so I could get out of there faster and escape to an air-conditioned oasis.

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Hotel Review: Conrad Singapore

I’ve heard this sentiment shared by many others and I’d tend to agree. Singapore is a frustrating hotel market. While there’s a nice mix of boutique and chain options, the prices are in no-man’s land. In other words, they aren’t expensive enough to feel like you’d get a good deal by using points, but they’re expensive enough that you’d consider using points rather than shelling out cash.

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Eating Singapore – Flowers, Supertrees, And A River Safari

Our time spent in Singapore can basically be broken into two buckets – the times when we were eating, and when we weren’t eating. It’s probably a 50/50 split. Let’s start with the non-eating stuff. It’s funny to hear that many people argue that Singapore isn’t really “real” Asia, whatever that might mean. To them, a trip top the “real” Asia probably involves navigating the sea of motorcycles in Vietnam or visiting the rice paddy fields in Bali.

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Introduction: Sweaty Singapore And A Big Fat Indian Wedding

You might be wondering why I’ve come out with another trip report with the word “fat” in the title. Well, as I mentioned in my last trip report, I live my life a quarter-pounder at a time. See, everyone prefers a certain style of travel. Some people like leisure trips, where they sit on the beach, sip margaritas all day, and polish off a couple books. Others travel for culture, spending their days at historical landmarks and museums. And others seek adventure, jumping off tall buildings and into shark-infested waters.