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Weekly Recap: First Class Showdown, Alaska Airlines Discounts, Exploring Lanai

I’ve had a blast being featured on BoardingArea this week, and as a final reminder before signing off, make sure to sign-up for the newsletter or follow me on social media to keep updated on all the latest posts. In case you missed it, here’s a recap of the top posts from the past week.

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Hotel Review: Four Seasons Lanai

I was looking for a sit-on-the-beach-and-do-nothing kind of vibe, and as I did my research, Lanai looked like it would be the perfect match. The timing worked out well for my May trip, since the Larry Ellison-owned Four Seasons Lanai had just completed a vast refurbishment a few months earlier and was was offering a 4th night free as part of the re-opening.

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First Class Showdown: Singapore Airlines vs. Cathay Pacific

In recent years, I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to fly both Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific’s First Class products. But when I think back and try to compare the two, it’s actually been kind of hard to do. But during this trip I’d truly have an opportunity to get a head-to-head comparison of the two, since I was flying both in the same 24-hour period. And I made sure to use this chance to keep a running tally of the pros and cons of my flight on each airline.

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Flight Review: JetBlue Mint Class New York to San Francisco

I had already burned enough miles on my flights from San Francisco to New York, so I wasn’t looking to do anything crazy for the return home. As I shopped around for tickets back to San Francisco, since I was booking just a week prior to departure, ticket prices across the board were really high. However, I noticed that JetBlue’s Mint Class was priced at $549, and with the relatively small difference between that and the price of an economy ticket, I decided to give Mint it a shot.

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Flight Review: British Airways Business Class Zurich to San Francisco

Our truffle adventure was sadly over and it was time to head home the same way that we had come. The drive from Piedmont, Italy to Zurich took about six hours, and after stuffing our faces at the Christmas Market in Zurich that evening, we spent the night once again at the Marriott. We were up bright and early the next day, and the first leg of our journey home was an uneventful flight from Zurich to London.

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What It’s Like to Go Truffle Hunting in Piedmont, Italy

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times to travel internationally, but the trade-off is not being home to enjoy one of the most gluttonous holidays of the year, which traditionally involves stuffing my face with turkey and pumpkin pie. But somehow we were able to bring the holiday spirit with us to Italy, and in fact, this would go down as one of the most memorable Thanksgivings ever. Just instead of turkey, this year I’d be stuffing my face with truffles and pasta.

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Eating Piedmont, Italy – Truffles, Wine, and More Truffles

The Piedmont region is located in Northwest Italy and is well-known for several things. Perhaps most famously is its wines, and in particular is the home of the Nebbiolo grape that is used to make Barolo and Barbaresco wines. Piedmont is also well-known for hazelnuts, and you can even visit the Ferrero Rocher chocolate factory in the city of Alba. But as much as I like wine and Nutella, I was here for one thing and one thing only, the TRUFFLES.