Introduction: Everyday I’m Trufflin’

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year to travel for a couple reasons. Firstly, while other holidays rotate around, there’s no guessing which days you’ll have off for Thanksgiving – it’s a 4-day weekend every single year. Secondly, while domestic travel during Thanksgiving week can be a nightmare, it’s the perfect time to travel internationally. As an added bonus, you can essentially bank on the fact that there will be a premium cabin sales each year which means that you can fly in style, most often to Europe, for a fraction of the normal price.

Hotel Review: Park Hyatt Hyderabad

While I’m primarily a Hilton loyalist, Hyatts are a close second and the Park Hyatt brand in particular is my favorite within that group. And what if I told you that you could stay in a Park Hyatt for just $90 per night? Or how about a 1,200 square ft. suite for $175 per night? Welcome to the Park Hyatt Hyderabad.

Hotel Review: Conrad Singapore

I’ve heard this sentiment shared by many others and I’d tend to agree. Singapore is a frustrating hotel market. While there’s a nice mix of boutique and chain options, the prices are in no-man’s land. In other words, they aren’t expensive enough to feel like you’d get a good deal by using points, but they’re expensive enough that you’d consider using points rather than shelling out cash.

Hotel Review: Brewery Gulch Inn (Mendocino, CA)

My wife and I aren’t really the types to plan our weekends well in advance, and actually prefer to make spontaneous, last-minute plans. So halfway through the week prior to the 3-day MLK weekend in January, we decided that it’d be fun to drive up to Mendocino for a couple nights. Despite having both lived in Northern California for essentially our entire lives, neither of us had been to Mendocino before, but we’d heard that the drive along the California coast was something that everyone needed to do at least once. Given that it was January, the weather wouldn’t be ideal, but we were fine with the gloom as long as there wasn’t constant rain.

Hotel Review: The Peninsula Tokyo

Even though I’m a total creature of habit, there was no way that I’d forgo the opportunity to stay at a different hotel when we returned to Tokyo. Similar to my restaurant dilemma, Tokyo has so many amazing luxury hotels to choose from that it was hard to pick one. Ultimately, I settled on The Peninsula Tokyo, mainly because I’d been wanting to stay at a Peninsula property for quite some time. Our shinkansen arrived at Tokyo Station in the late afternoon, and even though we had our luggage with us, we ended up walking to the hotel. It wasn’t bad at all, and arrived about 15 minutes later.