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A Math Nerd’s Quest to Become A Points & Miles Millionaire – An Accounting Exercise

Now that I am a points & miles millionaire, I wish I were a real millionaire. The truth is, there’s a pretty big difference between the two. How, then, do I quantify my treasure chest of travel currencies? In this article, I will share how my thought process evolved.

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A Math Nerd’s Quest to Become A Points & Miles Millionaire – Introduction

Hi everyone! This is Peter, Terence’s coworker and fellow actuary. Some time ago, he introduced me to the hobby of points and miles. And wow it’s been a learning process! Looking back at how I see the world differently, now, I’d like to give back to the community by sharing my experiences. Terence has generously allowed me to ramble on contribute to this blog. So here I am, as the first guest writer on Hungry for Points, on a mission to bring you a unique perspective on this hobby.

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Travel Hacking SFO… the Daily Commute Edition

If you read this blog and follow others in the Boarding Area, you’ve probably invested hundreds of hours optimizing your experience in the air. But, have you done the same with your daily commute at a lower altitude? Now that Citi Thankyou Premier has taken the lead to include gas in its “travel” bonus category, it’s time for someone in this hobby to write about America’s favorite mode of travel: cars.