chase sapphire reserve application

My Unexpected Chase Sapphire Reserve Approval

I have been keeping a close eye on all the action this week with the release of the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card and in particular, it’s been interesting to see all of the data points coming through on who has and hasn’t been getting approved as a result of Chase’s 5/24 rule. Since I was currently sitting at 7/24 (e.g. 7 new credit cards opened within the past 24 months), I made sure to do my homework on how to best maximize my chances of an approval, which would include a visit to my nearest Chase bank to apply for the card as opposed to doing so online.

jpmorgan palladium card 3

Rumor: JPMorgan Finally Releasing Enhanced Palladium Card

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you may have heard a thing or two about the new Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card that will officially be released tomorrow. There are a number of good comparisons already out there, and the consensus is that this beefed up Sapphire Preferred card is essentially positioned as the equivalent to the American Express Platinum card within the Chase portfolio.

four seasons lanai puu pehe sweetheart rock view

Exploring Lanai: Four Seasons and Beyond

If you’re looking to escape the relative hustle and bustle on the other Hawaiian islands, then Lanai is the perfect getaway. With a population of just 3,000 and another 1,000 or so guests on the island at any given time, you won’t find much competition for space on the beaches or the 30 miles of paved roads around the island.

singapore airlines first class sfo boeing 777 plane

Is This The Hardest Way to Earn 1 Million Singapore Airlines Miles?

These days, it’s pretty easy to build up a huge balance of Singapore Airlines miles. Most people will earn miles by flying with Singapore Airlines or any number of their Star Alliance or other partners, like JetBlue. Or you could also transfer credit card rewards points via American Express, Chase Ultimate Rewards, Citi ThankYou, and even Starwood’s Preferred Guest program.

four seasons lanai room view

Hotel Review: Four Seasons Lanai

I was looking for a sit-on-the-beach-and-do-nothing kind of vibe, and as I did my research, Lanai looked like it would be the perfect match. The timing worked out well for my May trip, since the Larry Ellison-owned Four Seasons Lanai had just completed a vast refurbishment a few months earlier and was was offering a 4th night free as part of the re-opening.

singapore airlines first class san francisco to hong kong boeing 777 exterior

How to Credit JetBlue Flights to Singapore Airlines Krisflyer Program

I’ve taken a handful of JetBlue flights recently and in each and every case, despite having my Singapore Airlines Krisflyer membership number entered in my reservation, I haven’t automatically received credit for the flight. After the first couple flights didn’t credit automatically, I suspected that something was amiss, but was still hopeful and chalked it up to bad luck. But after it happened several more times, I was almost certain that there just wasn’t an automatic process in place, and my suspicions were confirmed by others who were facing the same issue.

cathay pacific first class hong kong to new york dinner setup card

First Class Showdown: Singapore Airlines vs. Cathay Pacific

In recent years, I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to fly both Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific’s First Class products. But when I think back and try to compare the two, it’s actually been kind of hard to do. But during this trip I’d truly have an opportunity to get a head-to-head comparison of the two, since I was flying both in the same 24-hour period. And I made sure to use this chance to keep a running tally of the pros and cons of my flight on each airline.

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