Excuse Me, Where’s the Nearest Pagoda?: Eating Our Way Through Bangkok

two women standing on a rooftop overlooking a city at night


Even though we had spent the past two days feasting on seafood, not surprisingly we headed back to Bangkok with the mission to eat more and more food.  It happened to be Christmas Eve so we decided to try the set menu at one of our friend’s favorite restaurants, Longtable.  It’s located on a high floor of a condo buildling, and has really great views of the city.  The food was also really good. This was definitely a popular place and there a lot of people there grabbing drinks and enjoying the views.

a couple of women standing on a rooftop
a menu on a tablea group of people sitting in a restaurant
a bowl of soup with a spoon

a close-up of food on a platea plate of food on a table

a plate of dessert with a fork

The next day was our last day in Bangkok, and after getting thai massages, we decided to splurge for lunch and eat at Nahm.  People have many different hobbies, and while some people spend their money on golf or collectibles, our hobby is FOOD.  In particular, we enjoy trying restaurants on the World’s Top 50 list whenever have a chance.  So we were excited that #50 on the list happened to be in Bangkok, and we were able to get a last-minute reservation for lunch.

We were actually quite surprised to see an Asian restaurant on the list, since we kept thinking to ourselves “how much better can fancy Asian food be over street food?”  And the answer was not that much.  While the taste and the ingredients were definitely better than what you could find on the street, it was only marginally better compared to the premium you pay to get it.  Overall, all of us felt that the meal at Nahm was just good, and not necessarily worthy of a spot on the Top 50 list.

a plate of food on a wooden surfaceclose-up of a plate of food
a bowl of food on a plate

a bowl of soup with a spoon

a bowl of food with a spoon

close-up of food on a plate

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