Alaska Airlines Fall Sale: Last Day to Check Bookings for Lower Prices

Just a friendly reminder that today’s the final day of the Alaska Airlines Annual Fall Sale, which features flights starting at $64 across their entire route network. Each city has their own set of deals, but at least from rhe San Francisco Bay Area, there doesn’t appear to be any amazing deals to traditional vacation destinations like Mexico and Hawaii. However, there are pretty good deals to various West Coast cities, including Salt Lake City, Portland, and a couple southern CA cities.

Do Your Taxes Now

Consider paying your taxes with a points-earning credit card, and don’t wait till the last minute! With one month to go, this is a great time to start thinking about how to maximize your benefits in the process, and hopefully lessen the pain of paying taxes a little.

How Did You Get Started With This Hobby?

I’m constantly talking to friends, family, and even strangers about the points and miles hobby. I do understand that it can be a bit intimidating to get started, so I’ve even tried to boil it down into a “how to get started” presentation that I’ve given a few times. But even after spelling things out for people, I’ve noticed that the uptake rate has still been pretty low in terms of those that dive head first into it like I had.

Traveling with Young Children

2015 was full of adventures for my family: we brought home a newborn from the hospital, and then we traveled the world. As we made a name for ourselves as brave traveling parents, I figured it’d bring the year to a proper closure by sharing our experiences.